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Target being sued for racial discrimination

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Target Corporation obviously plays a prominent role in Minnesota businesses. However, the retail giant is also the subject of a lawsuit involving three Hispanic employees who claimed to have been harassed and discriminated against at their place of employment. Also, employees who complained about the use of racial slurs by management were reportedly also fired.

The complaint alleges that white managers frequently aimed racial epithets at Hispanic workers. It is also alleged that training documentation contained negative stereotypes aimed at Mexican-American workers.


Target has made apologies concerning the training materials.  It is claimed that the training documentation was only used at one particular distribution center and was not representative of Target in general.

We will have to wait and see to find out what the ultimate outcome is concerning these allegations.  The attorneys for the employees will need to demonstrate more than mere allegations of racial discrimination or firing taking place.  However, if the claims are correct Target will likely need to take a large number of steps to remedy the circumstances.

Employees should avail themselves to the advice and counsel of experienced employment attorneys anytime they feel they are being subjected to discrimination at the workplace.  These companies are large enough that the claims of an isolated employee may not be heard without counsel to represent them. 

Employees should not be subject to racial slurs at the workplace.  Employees should also be given the right to air their grievances concerning any reported discrimination without fear of reprisal by their employer.  Revenue for Target exceeded $70 billion in 2013.  Therefore the company has more than sufficient resources to put into place policies and procedures that would prevent this sort of discrimination from occurring.

Source: CBS Minnesota, "Hispanic Employees Sue Target For Discrimination," July 10, 2013

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